Beauty… what do we feel when saying that word out loud…
   In my life I had many thoughts about that word, I lived through hard times, but today I want to share some of my thoughts with you about beauty…I think nowadays we need this since we seem to have lost our touch with the meaning of beauty. Let’s discuss self-love, comparing ourselves to others, self-confidence, and insecurities. Hopefully, we can have a deep discussion and break some stereotypes. I am going to talk about rare beauty and I don’t mean just superficial or external beauty.

“Beauty is not only about appearance”

It’s something more… No! it’s even more than a picture…
Beauty is confidence, it’s the shine in our eyes, it’s an indescribable feeling inside of us, it looks like we are shining and leaving little sparkles everywhere we have been. Beauty is more important than what we look like or what we wear. We should stop thinking that we need to wear something to look beautiful. I am 25 years old and I understand that the branded shoes, diamond rings, classy dresses, and makeup are temporary things. When you wear them you feel beautiful but what happens after you take them off? We are simply under the influence of these superficial things. They only temporarily make us feel beautiful. It looks like a vicious cycle. Right after we take these things off we get stressed out, we start to compare ourselves to others, we become disappointed in ourselves.

Inside of me, there are 2 sides and not just because I am a Gemini :), everyone has 2 sides. One side is happiness, harmony, positivity, the ability to help others. The other side is hate, jealousy, and disappointment. Guess which side can grow faster, can win, and transform you? Yes! Which side of us we feed and grow. That is the point of life! Who we become is the result of is what we do on a regular basis. If we stand in front of the mirror and tell ourselves we are ugly or even think that way, we will never feel beautiful.
If we like to discuss other people’s lives, gossip about others, feel jealous about others, instead of being happy for them or supporting them, we can never consider ourselves a beautiful person. We are simply using our energy in a malicious way and it will not help us feel beautiful. If this is you then don’t worry, there is no point to get stressed out. You just need to accept yourself and if you want to change something about yourself then just start working on it. All of us want to be happy, have the things we want, and leave a light everywhere we have been. 

“Compering will never end well”

Comparing ourselves to others is the worst thing that we can ever do to ourselves… It can break us, it can kill us, and we can even lose the drive to go on…
I have so many ideas of things I want to do and sometimes it drives me crazy when I can’t make them into reality. Every time I get a new idea I get happy. I feel like woohoo. Thank God. I sit there and try to get more informed about it. Sometimes I see that others have already done it and done it better. I get that indescribable feeling. Like I was so happy a moment ago and now I don’t feel it. Why? Why should the accomplishments of other people not let us do what we want and get even better results?

Just because someone else has done it already, doesn’t make your idea any less special or not worth it. The problem is that since early childhood we are always compared to others. We are always told that we see this one kid is doing better than you or something like “this other person has something but you don’t”. These things make us question ourselves and look at life and beauty in a very limited way. To continue living this way is a choice that we don’t have to make. We should move ahead, be confident, and prove that everyone can be beautiful in their own way. Comparing yourself to others can damage your mental health.

      “We are beautiful from birth”

You are beautiful… Yes, you are!!!
People are so different but we all have beautiful parts…Our nose, our lips, our eyes, our height, our skin are all different, and it’s so stupid to compare ourselves to others or put down others because of their appearance… If someone has an ugly nose it’s not your problem, maybe a person with that kind of nose feels beautiful, it’s her problem, not yours…don’t be stupid enough to judge a person by what was given to her by nature… because we are all creatures by nature…

If you want to do makeup to enhance your looks then do it. It doesn’t mean that you think you are ugly and you need to do makeup to look beautiful. Do it because you love to not because you think you have to. We should stop thinking that if a girl wears makeup she is hiding something, that is really stupid…I like to workout, and some people tell me that I am already skinny and I don’t need to work out. I am doing it because I love myself, I love my body and I want to be healthy.
Do you feel the difference ???

“I call it beauty”

We should love ourselves but that does not mean that there is nothing to improve and we should not take any actions. We should continually work on our speech, our moves, and our behavior. I can be very critical of myself. I consider myself lucky because I never dreamed of growing up fast. I tried my best to be appropriate at every age. I love being feminine and I try to be a real lady. The way I carry myself should be correct and my speech should be educated. I am going to be married soon and I know that I want to look beautiful not just for myself. I want to be a beautiful person in all aspects of life. 

Some behaviors are not acceptable for a lady, such as being loud and obnoxious, drinking a lot of alcohol, and generally being loud and vulgar. Every lady should take care of herself. Take care of your skin, hair, and nails. Always prioritize skincare over makeup. Taking care of yourself is an ongoing process that will never stop but we should always do it. It will take time. Everything good takes time. The point is to never give up. It can be very difficult at times to be a girl but it’s a blessing that you should be proud of. Embrace your inner beauty. And in the end, I want to say that beauty is kindness, just be kind, don’t find bad things in everything first. Love yourself first to be able to love others.

Hope You enjoy it and it was helpful for you…
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