Hi everyone

We all are informed what is going on now days.. and the only thing that we can do now is just stay home. So lets do it! I want to share with you what I do at home and want to motivate you to stay home and what to do to not get bored.

1. Clean and organize

I think to stay home is great, but even greater when all around you is clean and organized.
So let’s start by organizing our closet, our jewelry box, our staff that we always use but never put them in the right place, than let’s clean every inch, even the corners. After it’s all done let’s make coffee and enjoy the clean and pleasant atmosphere.

2. Self Care

Staying home doesn’t mean we should not wash our hair or not care about our nails and so on. Let’s have a Beauty Day!!! Let’s play a fun song and do a face mask, let’s choose a nail polish which we did not use for a long time and paint our nails. I am sure there are colors in your eye palette which in your daily make up you have not used , it’s a good time to try them, or do some hairstyle which you wanted at some point but never got around to it.

3. Games

Puzzles, lotto or computer games such as Sims are a great way to fill your day. Just grab a board game and play it with your family, now they will be happy to join you. For example I am going to play a puzzle game, which I hope will keep me entertained and I also like that at the end you can see the result.

4. Cook

I always want to find some time to cook something spacial so this is a great opportunity to do that. So select something that you know how to cook but this time experiment with it. Cook it in an unusual way by adding some other ingredients or by changing the way you prepare it. However be careful not to go too far with it and not waste food 🙂

5. TV shows

We all get movie or TV show recommendations from our friends or co-workers that we never get around to watching, this is a great time to catch up on those. For example have you ever watched Anime or maybe Korean doramas? Try something new. You may discover something that you will love and get addicted. I will share with you my favorites TV series soon….

6. Lazy

You know what? I will say it! It can be really fun to be lazy sometimes. Quarantine is a great opportunity to enjoy being lazy. Just jump on your bad and just daydream or just scroll through your social media feeds. You don’t have to do anything special. Enjoy Yourself! Catch up and sleep that you missed by working. Yeah!!!

7. Learn something new

Learn something new doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit through boring lectures. You can just learn about something fun. Maybe learn about how to eat healthier, or check out the settings of your favorite programs or apps to get the most out of them. Maybe it’s time to learn how to dance or learn a few new moves. You know what I am talking about. If you think about it for a minute or two you will come up with a list of ideas. So don’t waste any more time. Let’s learn something new.

8. Old but Gold

I am sure we all have a playlist of old but gold songs. Why not listen to those right now and sing along. It’s a good time to take out old photographs and to remember good old days or even sad days (I did it last night and I cried a lot :D). Or just make a new playlist with different types of songs. If you have a favorite artist or blogger it’s a good idea to find out what songs they like and listen to those. You can also watch their old blogs and videos.

9. Make Up Your Mind

Staying home can be a great experience. Sometimes it’s good to just stop and self reflect. Just take the time to relax and heal from your day to day stress. It will help to learn more about yourself.

10. Do what you actually want

I left the best tip to last. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to look inside your soul and see what you actually like. Do what you love. Life is short and being afraid is not worth it. Don’t take life too seriously. You can take this time to relax from the outside world. By doing that you will not only help yourself, but you will help the world.