Hi everyone
I love to take pictures of staff that surround me… Nature, my morning coffee, home decor staff, and so on…Most of the time when I post stories on Instagram I love to give my shots, videos, and my boomerangs an effect, especially the vintage effect, it gives my shots an aesthetic look…
So here I want to share some of the effects that I like to use…
        I gave the same frame different effects

This is the original picture without effects

SunnyVibes by @daria.pimkina

+3 aesthetic colors by @thairfurtado

M3+Dust by @regidepp

Retro*Icy by @tuhsya

Filters&glitter by @manoela (6)

beach babe by @kirbyisaboss

Coffee Bean Preset by @apasynkovaa

Boho Filters by @janmahavan (B)

PARIS RETRO by @ketie.one

Polaroid by @on__my__mind__

Rose Gold by @nahir.esper


∞S U B T I T L E by @himir.dara

Presets by @katie.one

Studio.i by @koreastyle

+3 Blogger Presets by @thairfurtado