Bloggers,,,nowadays it seems like every third person is a blogger, mostly on instagram,,,
What’s wrong with that? If you have something to share why not create a blog and try to do what you like. I created my first blog about 5 years ago and it only had one post and only 2 people saw it. I deleted that blog later on. My second blog I created 4 years ago and again it had only a few posts. They never got much attention. Maybe one day I will share with you what bothered me around then and why I didn’t continue posting on my previous blogs. The only thing I can say about that is that I wasn’t afraid of people’s opinions or judgement, I was mainly afraid of myself. All I know is I love to write, I want to share good moments, to become someone that inspires people, even if my English is not great and I write with mistakes. I want to write something because I feel that this is mine, I want to share tips from my personal experience, write about fashion, write about home decor, and write about what’s on my mind,,,even though I am not that brave,,,
I am doing it because I don’t want to later regret not trying.  You have to do what you love before it’s too late.


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